Film and the postmodern world

Films such as Star Wars is a postmodern set of films, firstly the films sequence is postmodern itself by starting with star wars 4, then when looking deeper within the films themselves it is suggested  that postmodernism is not stable,  that nothing is fixed and nothing has an absolute truth to it.

star wars certain point of view clip
The clip above illustrates the point of postmodernism that there is no exact truth just points of view.
films such as the matrix, the butterfly effect all take on a postmodern view that certain factors are contradicting and can be ironic.


Music in the postmodern world

Postmodern music is simply the era of music in the postmodern world, music such as the bohemian rhapsody can be highly seen as post modern, where as Beethoven’s music is seen as music from the modernist era. Queens Bohemian Rhapsody hits the 14 criteria of the postmodernist musical attitude created by Jonathan Kramer, for example it hits the criteria that it is ironic, it embraces contradictions and  challenges barriers of high and low styles.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody