So what is postmodernism??

So what do we  mean when we are actually talking about postmodernism, well im about to explain to you in many different ways and forms on this blog.
Postmodernism is defined as the ‘Cultural and intellectual phenomenon’, especially since the 1920’s when the new movements in the ‘arts’ took place, where postmodernity focuses on the social and political  outworks and innovations globally, this has happened mainly in the 1960’s mainly in the west.
So postmodernism or Pomo, literally means after the postmodernist movement  according to Wikipedia. postmodernism can be looked at through literature, art, music, films, technology and architecture.

A sociologist, Bauman in which il be looking at later claims that ‘postmodernism is simply a replacement of ‘classical’ modern capitalist society’ [Crook, Pakulski & Walters, 1992] this has led to much debate and criticism. those who reject this argues that postmodernism is a historical movement generating a new society away from modernism.


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